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Lynne Suprock is a creative mixed-media designer, writer, and instructor, making a difference through art. She believes through art, the opportunity for emotional or physical healing truly exists.

As a mixed media artist, Lynne uses a variety of products in her work, such as enamel, metal, clay, paint and fabric.

Her work has been published extensively in several journals published by Stampington & Company, as well as in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and  Lark Book, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces.  

She served as a 2015-2016 design team member for Amazing Casting Products, and is currently the Fabric Art Educator for Gel Press.

Lynne has been recently featured on seven episodes of the PBS show, Make It Artsy, (Season 3, 5, 6 and7) which aired between 2017-2019.  Some of those episodes can also be found on the Make It Artsy website at:

A variety of mini tutorials can be found on Lynne’s YouTube Channel .  Musings and updates can be found at .  As well, visit Lynne on Facebook, Instagram and sells a few of her things through Etsy, at

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